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Who am I? I am an Irish based Graphic Designer with a love for all things sport, What exactly is KobeDesigns? KobeDesigns was an idea I had while sipping a coffee in the wonderful City of Copengahen (Kobenhavn), Denmark one afternoon. Growing up I had an unhealthy love for posters on my wall, The one poster I always wanted was the Argentina 1978 World Cup poster, I would buy one after the other on other bidding sites and when it arrived I would be left disappointed as the poster would be blurry or really bad quality. 

One day I decided to design it myself. After a few long weeks I finally had the design I always wanted, this was the beginning of an unanmed brand which later became KobeDesigns. I have since joined my love for sport and design together to create KobeDesigns. I pride myself on my work and ensuring every buyer leaves excited and satisfied with their purchase. 
What goes into selling a poster? 
Much love and care. All our designs are created via Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. All our sports posters that we ship are A3 size, this is 420mm x 297mm depending on orientation. 

What paper do we use?
We use only the best printer paper, there are no shortcuts here. For a non glossy finish we use 280gsm high quality poster paper (Pro design) and for the glossy finish we use Brother 260gsm premium plus gloss paper. Is there much of a difference in quality? No, the gloss finish gives it a more photoghraph type look and the non gloss finish is more durable and strong. It is really down to the individual preference. 

How do we print? 
With our 6 ink based cartridges we print via Cannon printers. These are not the type you get in each and every household but a high end colour/color poster printer especially for what we do.

How do we ship our designs?
We take the greatest of care shipping your purchase. We ship via a hard durable cylinder A3 tube. Our addresses are printed exactly the way you write them so there is no excuse for non delivery :)

If you have any questions please do get in touch, it's good to talk. 
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